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Air Conditioner Maintenance

The air conditioning maintenance experts at Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality HVAC services throughout the Houston area, including Kingwood, Humble, Splendora, Crosby, Cleveland, Conroe, The Woodlands, Spring and the surrounding areas. 

AC Maintenance 

If you’re at all concerned about the longevity of your air conditioning system, or about whether it will continue to be energy efficient during the course of its service life, then you may want to learn more about our AC maintenance services in Houston, Tx. 

Routine air conditioner maintenance ensures that you enjoy excellent performance and energy efficiency from your AC, no matter how hot and humid it gets outside. It involves the comprehensive cleaning, inspection and adjustment of your air conditioner, whether you have a ductless AC or a central air unit. 

At Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, we treat our customers right. We try to exceed your expectations on everything we do so that you might consider us next time you need HVAC maintenance services in Houston, Tx. 

Our air conditioner maintenance technicians are certified, trained and experienced to handle a number of different system types and brands. All of our work is guaranteed and we offer upfront pricing so that you know exactly what you’re getting. As the preferred service provider for numerous local organizations in the area, we speak from experience: you can’t go wrong with our services. 

What Our AC Maintenance Does for You 

Air conditioning maintenance is a smart investment for any homeowner. The combination of professional installation and routine AC maintenance for your Houston, Tx home will ensure that your system will work well for years to come. Not only will your system perform better, but you may also notice a significant reduction in repair needs as well. 

Additionally, with a properly functioning AC, you will notice a decrease in your electric bill. Often time, an air conditioner that has not received maintenance will begin to exert more effort to cool a home. By keeping your system clean you will dramatically improve on the air conditioner’s energy efficiency. With our Houston, Tx air conditioning maintenance, you can rest assured that your system will be in good working order. 

Why AC Tune–Ups Are Important 

Even if you do not opt for one of our Direct Comfort Club membership plans, you can still enjoy the various benefits of professional HVAC maintenance. An AC tune-up can extend the longevity of your system so that it works for much longer than it otherwise would. 

Your air conditioner is a complex machine, and we recommend that you do not attempt to maintain it yourself. Doing so may lead to accidental damage to sensitive components. Instead, let us help you. With our air conditioner maintenance service in Houston TX, you can keep yourself and your family cool during even the hottest parts of the year. Call Driect Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating today for excellent air conditioning maintenance. 

Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance Agreement

Did you know that Air Conditioning manufacturers recommend that homeowners conduct annual maintenance on AC systems? In fact, AC system warranties can be voided without proof of annual maintenance. Don't worry, Direct Comfort has a solution for you.

Our Direct Comfort Club annual maintenance agreements ensure that your AC system warranty stays intact. Preventative maintenance is the single best thing a homeowner can do to extend the life and efficiency of their central air conditioning system. 

Central Air Conditioning systems are mechanical items and need maintenance just like automobiles do. In Houston and surrounding areas, Air Conditioners actually work harder than most cars and need tune-ups and regular check ups. Our 28-point tune-ups ensure that your AC system is functioning when you need it the most.

We also recommend a fall and spring tune-up each year. Maintaining the heating and cooling equipment in your home regularly will extend the life of your air conditioning system and also reduce the amount of energy it takes to run the AC system. Clean central air conditioning systems will keep your utility bills at a minimum and also make an impact on the overall health of your home.

Here is the different heating and air conditioning maintenance plans that we offer:

Our Gold Plan provides you with year-round, worry-free protection. The benefits include:

  • - Inspection and cleaning of your system during service visits (air filters included)
  • - Same day scheduling and priority service over all customers
  • -Annual 28 Point A/C Inspection
  • -Annual 30 Point Furnace Inspection
  • -20% Discount on All Service Repairs
  • -10% Discount on All Equipment Replacement
  • -No Service Call Fee
  • -No Overtime Charges

Our Silver Plan provides you with year-round, worry-free protection. The benefits include:

  • - Inspection and cleaning of your system during service visits (air filters included)
  • - Same day scheduling and priority service over all customers
  • -Annual 28 Point A/C Inspection
  • -Annual 30 Point Furnace Inspection
  • -10% Discount on All Service Repairs
  • -No Service Call Fee
  • -Same Day Service
  • -No Overtime Charges

Our Bronze Plan provides you with year-round, worry-free protection. The benefits include:

  • - Inspection and cleaning of your system during service visits (air filters included)
  • - Same day scheduling and priority service over all customers
  • -Annual 28 Point A/C Inspection
  • -Annual 30 Point Furnace Inspection
  • -10% Discount on All Service Repairs
  • -Reduced Service Call Fee
  • -No Overtime Charges

Precision AC Tune-Ups

Precision AC Tune-Up $69.00


Tune-Up for Dependable Comfort- Get Direct Comfort's Precision air conditioning Tune-Up for your air conditioning system before the weather heats up. 

Like your car, your air conditioner system needs regular, professional tune-ups and maintenance to keep it running at peak efficiency and reduce breakdowns. 

No one really enjoys uncomfortable, expensive surprises.  

System Efficiency


Tune-Up for Efficiency- Over time, wear and tear on the mechanical parts of your central air conditioner can diminish its efficiency - and you may not even know about it until higher energy bills and breakdowns diminish your bank account. 

Dirt and dust build up on the coils that cool the air, and cause your unit to use more electricity. Most power companies recommend a tune-up twice a year for residential heating and cooling systems, to save energy. Reducing energy means increased savings for you.  

Better Indoor Air Quality


Tune-up for Better Air Quality- Aside from increased operating costs, an unmaintained unit can affect the quality of air your family breathes. 

That's why Direct Comfort Air Conditioning  technicians follow a detailed maintenance procedure that includes cleaning the condensate drains and checking the evaporator coil.  

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Money!

Have Your AC and Heating Systems Check Yearly!

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Money and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

It can be tempting to skip regular furnace or air conditioning maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems, especially when things seem to be running smoothly. However, the small amount of money you save now by skipping hvac  maintenance could cost you big bucks later down the line when your furnace or ac unit breaks down and creates a need for emergency repairs.  

Because around 44% of your utility bill goes toward your heating and cooling systems, it’s essential that you keep everything running efficiently to keep those costs as low as possible. An air conditioner or furnace that is not working properly can be a real drain on your energy bills—and your wallet. 

In addition, estimates indicate that heating and air conditioning systems are responsible for 24% of our nation’s sulfur dioxide output and 12% of our nitrogen oxides. Unfortunately, this is in part due to poorly maintained heating and cooling systems. Keeping your furnace and ac unit running efficiently helps you reduce your home’s or business’s impact on our environment. 

Keep your home comfortable and energy efficient by calling Direct Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule a maintenance appointment today. 

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Money.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Save You Money.

Direct Comfort is your Air Conditioning Maintenance Company.

Heater and Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner and Furnace Maintenance Is A Must!

In order to keep your ac and heating equipment running safely, efficiently, and properly you must have your air conditioning and heating systems serviced and maintained yearly. Like your automobile, your equipment needs scheduled heating and air conditioning  maintenance to operate properly. You wouldn't go 20,000 miles in your car before you changed the oil. Would you?  

No matter if you live in Splendora, Cleveland, New Caney, Porter, Kingwood, Spring or Humble we are your heating and air conditioning maintenance company.

Our heating and air conditioner hvac maintenance service professionals go by a mandatory routine for checking your heating and cooling equipment. Ensuring your air conditioner or heater is ready for the extremities for the season. Also ensuring your ac and heating equipment is running a peek efficiency and most importantly SAFELY OPERATING. We offer the very best Tune-Up available. 

You will really benefit from our Direct Comfort Club Maintenance Agreement. As a Direct Comfort Club customer you will receive our Top-Notch AC Tune-Up in the Spring time for you air conditioner. You will also receive a Top-Notch Furnace Tune-Up in the fall for your furnace maintenance. On top of this you are also a priority customer. Which means you will receive priority service over Non-club members. 

As a Club Member you are also discounted  on all parts and labor on any repairs necessary. You will be automatically called, sent a letter or e-mailed to remind you to schedule your Tune-Up. This takes the responsibility of remembering to have your equipment serviced away from you so you can concentrate on your daily life. 

Change Filters and MAINTENANCE

Maintenance- Cleaning


A few of the things many people do not realize is that by having furnace and air conditioning maintenance done by your air conditioning Maintenance Company,  is that the annual maintenance will help your system to run more efficiently and help you claim any warranty issue in the warranty period. 

By having your air conditioning maintenance company keep your system clean and free of dirt and debris this will make sure your air conditioning system is running at full capacity and the most efficiently. 

By having your air conditioning company come out on a yearly basis, will fulfill your warranty obligations and if they spot any issues, they will be able to have your system fixed with the bill being paid by the equipment manufacturer, not you.  

Changing Filters


When your system was first installed, your air conditioning installer surely told you it was very important to regularly change your filters. 

The reason your air conditioning installer was so adamant about changing filters, is that they want to save you money. 

By changing your filters regularly, you will prevent your equipment from working harder than it needs to. If your filters are dirty your air conditioning and heating unit will work harder than it was designed for and could even possibly damage the unit. 

Your air conditioning installer also knows that the air will be cleaner in your home if you have a clean filter

If you care about sanitation and cleanliness then you should be sure to keep your filters changed regularly. 

Either change them yourself, which is easy to do, or ask your air conditioning installer to come in and change them and do a routine inspection