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Professional Ac Repair Services

Professional Ac Repair Service

AC repair must always be completed by a professional if you want the problem fixed right. There is simply no other way to ensure that your air conditioning system is restored comprehensively. 

We understand that your whole–house air conditioning system can truly make or break your home comfort during the heat and humidity of summer. 

That’s why we insist that you give us a call in the event that you require air conditioning repair. We can have your system backed up and running in no time. 

Whether you require central air repair or HVAC repair for your year–round heating and cooling system, our AC repair team in Texas will provide you with prompt service. But that depends on you.

 It’s important to make sure that you keep an eye and an ear out for any signs that you need air conditioner repair. It could be the difference between a minor adjustment and a major component replacement. 

Catching serious problems while they are still in formative stages can help us provide a cost–effective solution to what’s ailing your air conditioning. 

Call for repair if you notice if your AC is making strange noises, turning off and on often, or producing uneven cooling. Let us take care of your air conditioner repair. 

No matter what type or brand of system you might have, one of our HVAC repair technicians can fix it. If you suspect that you have an issue with your cooling system, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Direct Comfort’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists. Give us a call today if you need any type of air conditioning repair. 

Central Air Conditioners

Houston Central Air Conditioner Trane

Central air conditioners are still among the most popular of air conditioning installation options in the Houston area. 

Central air installation involves the installation of ductwork, an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor

Refrigerant circulates throughout the system in order to transfer thermal energy out of the house, not unlike how your refrigerator works. Your central AC delivers cooled air throughout the home by means of the ducts

But for homeowners looking for something different, you may want to consider a heat pump, ductless air conditioning system, or geothermal system for your home. We offer such systems because we want our customers to have choices at all times. 

Whether you want to avoid the use of ducts for indoor air quality reasons, or want to make your home more efficient by using the latest in geothermal technology, we can offer an excellent air conditioning installation service

Why Professional Air Conditioning Installation is Important 

Let us take care of your air conditioning installation so that the job is done right the first time. The importance of professional air conditioner installation can hardly be overstated. 

It can truly make or break the future performance and energy efficiency of your system, whether you opt for a heat pump or central air conditioner.

Hiring a professional at Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating can give you the peace of mind that you deserve. We can make certain that your new air conditioner is appropriately sized so that it matches your living space. 

We can also work with you to find a system that fits your budget. We understand that an air conditioning installation is a major investment for many of our customers, so let us help you make an informed decision with our AC installation services

Air Conditioning Installation

Trane Air Conditioning Installation Splendora Texas

Are you looking to buy a new air conditioner system that will provide sufficient cooling for you and your entire family? 

Do you want energy efficiency as well as performance? We can help. Let us find a solution that can keep your home comfortable. 

We offer comprehensive Trane air conditioning installation services in East Texas. We can keep you cool! As a leading provider of New AC installation services in the area.

We can sympathize with customers whose previous air conditioner installation went awry or whose existing cooling system disappoints. 

When you work with us, however, you can count on excellent customer service at a great value. 

We offer upfront pricing, our air conditioning installation technicians are certified and highly trained, and everyone on our team is background–checked. 

With upfront pricing and guaranteed workmanship, you simply can’t go wrong when you hire Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating  for your air conditioning installation in Montgomery County. 

The air conditioning installation experts at Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality HVAC services throughout the Houston area, including Splendora, Kingwood, Humble and the surrounding areas. 

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Is My Ac System About to Go Out?

Ac Repair Splendora

Does your air conditioner make a horrible sound when it runs? Does it fail to turn on or off when it should? 

Is there warm air coming out of your ducts? At Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, there is no cooling problem we haven’t seen. 

We bring a wealth of experience and training to every job that we complete, and no air conditioning repair is too big or small for our team. 

Let us find a solution to your issue. Our AC Repair team in Texas, will find a solution for your malfunctioning cooling system. 

At Direct Comfort Air, we are the preferred service provider for leading businesses in the area, and all of our AC repair technicians are highly experienced, trained, and certified. 

If we can’t repair or replace your AC right away, we can make sure that your home is equipped with a portable air conditioner so that your comfort is secure while we take care of the issue. Call Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating  today for your air conditioning repair. 

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What is SEER Rating

What is seer rating

What is a SEER rating? 

Cooling efficiency for air conditioners and heat pumps, is indicated by a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, which tells you how efficiently a unit uses electricity. The higher the number, the greater the efficiency. 

The typical SEER rating of units manufactured prior to 1992 is about 6.0. In 1992, the government established the minimum cooling efficiency standard for units installed in new homes at 10.0 SEER. Years later the minimum SEER Rating minimum requirements was changed to 14 SEER. High-efficiency air conditioning systems have a SEER of at least 16 SEER; the maximum available is about 20+ SEER

Do I Have A Freon leak?

Freon Leak R22

Is my air conditioner leaking freon?

At Direct Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating, we get this question a lot. Your air conditioner does not actually consume or use up Freon or refrigerant. Your air conditioner is a closed system.  

That means the Freon or refrigerant recycles continuously through your air conditioning system. Thus, if your air conditioner is leaking Freon or refrigerant.The air conditioning of your home will stop working at some point.  

Freon or refrigerant leaks come in many different locations and sizes. Really small leaks are very hard to find. The leak could be at a valve.

 The leak could be in the evaporator coil which sits in your air conditioner unit inside the house. It could be in the line set which is like the railroad tracks carrying the Freon or refrigerant inside and outside your house.  

Trying to find it can literally be like finding a needle in a haystack. And, if you find it, as soon as you patch it, the increased pressure inside your system may now cause another blowout or leak. You may go from one leak to the next with no end in sight.  

Your Direct Comfort technician can help you decide if tracking the elusive leak down is more cost effective than replacing the potentially leaking parts.  

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Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air Conditioning Repair



Air Conditioning repair takes a highly trained individual.  He should be able to properly diagnose and repair the problem.  At Direct Comfort our staff is just that.  Highly Trained!

Let us prove we are the real deal, at ac repairs. Go on-line and search for us. You will see all positive reviews and a perfect satisfaction rate.  Check out our ratings and reviews with Homeadvisor.com. You will see we are a very trustworthy and competent air conditioner repair company.

Our air conditioning repair service personal are some of the finest in the business. We have a high standards when selecting air conditioning repair technicians. Owner Adam Brzowski, evaluates every applicant.  Tests there air conditioning repair knowledge and capabilities. 

Our  service technicians are trained on proper customer service. They will treat you and your home with great respect. We use the proper tools and methods to troubleshoot your cooling system. Your service technician will be an highly trained and professional air conditioning repair technician.


We perform air conditioning repair on all makes and models.  Air conditioning repair on Trane, Lennox, Carrier and all others. The air conditioning repair service technician will provide you in complete detail of the problem you are having with your system. We will then let you know what the solution is. What it will cost to fix it.

You will be given all of your options and solutions to manage your situation. Our goal is a long term relationship with our customers. Not every one wants to replace their system. We know that! You will never be pushed to make a decision. We leave all of the decision making up to you.  Then you tell us what  you want to do. Do you want an air conditioning repair or replacement? No pressure, it’s your decision.

We have been servicing the Splendora, Kingwood, Spring and Humble areas for over 10 years now. We would love the opportunity to provide services to you.

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Air Duct Installation and REPAIR

Duct Systems

Forced–heating and cooling systems are the most popular types of HVAC systems on the market today and it’s not without good reason. They are cost–effective and powerful. Furnaces, central air conditioners, heat pumps and geothermal—all of these systems require air ducts in order to function. 

It follows that the quality of your new HVAC system is only as good as the quality of your ducts. At Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating we offer excellent duct installation services throughout the Humble TX area, whether you need it as part of your new AC or heater, or you need your current ducts replaced

It’s important to ensure that you hire a professional to take care of your duct installation. Our team of trained and certified technicians can make certain that your duct installation goes exactly according to plan. 

When you hire our staff, you can be confident that the work will be done right the first time. All of our work is guaranteed and we offer upfront pricing. Having excellent ductwork installed in your home is as easy as calling Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating. 

The duct installation experts at Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality indoor air quality services throughout the Humble area, including Porter, Kingwood, New Caney, Splendora and the surrounding areas. 

Why Professional Duct Installation is Important 

What type of duct is right for you? That depends on the type of heating and cooling system you have or will soon have in your home. We can advise you every step of the way, from the selection of your duct type and brand to the installation itself. Whether you opt for flexible or custom sheet metal ductwork, we can make sure that it’s appropriately sized to match your living space and your HVAC system. 

This is just one of the many reasons to consider professional duct installation

Another reason to consider professional duct installation is that your ducts will be carefully integrated into your home. 

Considering how much your ducts can make or break your system, it’s imperative that you hire a pro. At Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, we can make sure that your system is set up for optimal performance and efficiency. 

When you should consider Duct Installation?

For many homeowners, duct installation is only necessary when having an entire heating and/or cooling system installed in the home. Ducts typically do double–duty, in that they are used by your heat pump for year–round comfort, or by both a gas furnace and a central air conditioner.

Our duct installation service is available for homes who already have HVAC systems. In the event that your ducts are leaky or excessively damaged, it may make sense to replace them by hiring us for duct installation. With our commitment to quality workmanship and customer service, you’re in good hands.  

Duct Replacement 

Owners of central air conditioning and geothermal systems, furnaces or heat pumps know how much they rely upon their sheet metal and/or flexible ducts in order to draw air from the living space and also to distribute heated and cooled air throughout the home. 

Your HVAC system simply could not work without solid ductwork. Over their years of use, your ducts may encounter a fair amount of wear and tear, so much in fact that you may need duct replacement at some point. When it comes to taking care of your ductwork needs, Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating cannot be beaten. 

You can depend on us for all of your duct replacement needs. Our trained and certified technicians can diagnose your duct problem and come up with a solution as soon as possible. When it comes to replacing ducts, you need to hire a professional who can outfit your home with appropriately sized ductwork that matches your HVAC system and your living space. 

We make it easy to the consumer with our duct replacement service. We provide excellent customer service on every job that we do, and all of our work is guaranteed. Just give Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists a call today for more information our wide range of duct services. 

The duct replacement experts at Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating offer quality indoor air quality services throughout the Humble area, including Porter, Huffman, Kingwood, Crosby and the surrounding areas. 

Do You Need Duct Replacement or Repair? 

For the layperson, it can be challenging, if not impossible, to figure out whether to call for repair or duct replacement. In fact, such a decision should always be made by a professional who has the technical expertise and experience to deliver a professional recommendation. 

If you operate a central AC or heat pump in your home, then you depend heavily upon the integrity of your ducts. Even relatively small issues can lead to significant energy loss and inadequate performance. Your ducts need to be sealed and tightly connected for maximum effectiveness. 

If you find that your ducts have become far less efficient or effective than normal, then you need to take action. We can advise you as to whether you need repair or duct replacement by taking a close look at the condition of your ducts. If they are damaged beyond repair or damaged in multiple areas, then you may want to have them replaced instead of repairing them. Let us help you make the right decision for your comfort and your budget. 

Why Professional Duct Replacement is Important 

It is simply not worth risking the effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC system with anything less than professional duct replacement. At Direct Air Conditioning & Heating , we can make certain that your old ductwork is removed carefully and that your new ducts are seamlessly integrated into your home. Give us a call today to talk about any duct problems that you might have. 

Direct Comfort Duct Installation In Splendora Texas 77372

Direct Comfort Duct Installation In Splendora Texas 77372

Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems and MAINTENANCE

Ductless AC System

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, then you may want to consider going ductless. While central air units are highly powerful and cost–effective, they do need extensive ductwork installed to cool your home. 

Ductless AC can be a good alternative option for many homes. At Direct Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer excellent ductless air conditioning services in Kingwood TX, including the installation of new models as well as replacement. 

In addition to the installation of new ductless split systems, we can also handle any ductless air conditioning repair and maintenance needs that you may require. 

Let us find a solution for what’s ailing your system. We make sure that our customers have everything they need to remain comfortable in their homes year–round, especially during the peak heat and humidity of summer. 

Ductless AC Installation

Like any other type of HVAC system, a ductless air conditioner requires professional installation. 

The ductless mini split avoids the use of ductwork by placing multiple indoor air handlers throughout the living space, each of which can be separately controlled. 

Each also connects to the outdoor unit by a compact group of drainage, refrigerant and electrical lines. 

Considering that the match between the size of your living space and the cooling output of your ductless air conditioner is a prerequisite for performance and efficiency, let the specialists on our team take care of your ductless air conditioning installation. 

Our installers are certified and highly experienced, and they undergo extensive background–checks to become part of our team. 

All of our work is guaranteed and we offer upfront pricing. Let us keep you cool with our ductless air conditioning services. .

Ductless Repair and Maintenance

 Does your ductless heating and cooling system fail to deliver on its promise of cool air? 

Does it make a terrible noise? At Direct Air Conditioning & Heating  we understand how frustrating it can be to have a system break down or fail to work properly. 

We can make sure that your ductless split system’s functionality is restored with our ductless air conditioning repair service. 

When you call us for service, you can count on a prompt response. While ductless air conditioners are reliable machines, any problems must be taken care of immediately to prevent further damage. 

Ductless AC Maintenance 

We offer two routine maintenance programs for your HVAC system, but we can also take care of your ductless air conditioning maintenance on an occasional basis. It’s important to keep your ductless AC in good shape with our services so that you can continue to enjoy its energy efficiency and its versatile performance. 


Factor to consider about your air conditioning System


At Direct Comfort we understand the discomfort of experiencing an air conditioning system failure when it is hot and humid. Living in the harsh Gulf Coast climate, we all know how HOT and HUMID it gets in the summer. We depend heavily on our ac systems to keep us comfortable. That’s why our air conditioning service technicians are ready, when you call, to assist during your time of need. 

All of our air conditioning specialists are fully trained and qualified to handle whatever difficulties you may be experiencing. Many of our technicians are N.A.T.E certified where they have been trained in specific areas by our nation’s top HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) instructors. The N.A.T.E. certification gives you added assurance that any technical problems can be diagnosed quickly and corrected proficiently by our service professionals. 

Whether you have an air conditioner, refrigeration, thermostat, central air, furnace, or heat pump we can take care of any problem that may arise. And, we’ll be at your residence or place of business in hours, not days. 

Nobody knows better than Direct Comfort how unbearable it can get when temperatures suddenly soar to triple digits and the equipment your family depends on for their comfort suddenly and unexpectedly malfunctions. That’s why the Direct Comfort Team of professionals takes pride in being able to handle any emergency, keeping our customer cool and happy when the unexpected happens. 

We are equipped, tooled, and trained to handle any emergency quickly and proficiently. We are factory trained by all major HVAC equipment manufactures so that we can service and repair any unit on the market. And, when its time to replace your unit, we maintain a warehouse full of brand name equipment. Having what our customers need in-stock saves time. 

Factors To Consider about your Air Conditioning Unit 

  • Age of your system 
  • Efficiency (seer rating) 
  • Type of system 
  • Repair History 
  • Condition of system 
  • Cost vs Savings 
  • Other benefits 

Age - In Houston Texas, systems have a relatively short life expectancy due to our extreme temperatures and Humidity. Any system over 10 years old is a candidate for replacement.  

Efficiency - With todays ever increasing power rates, the seer rating of your system must be considered. Seer rating simply equates to how much energy it takes to operate the system and directly affects your power bill. Today, you can get seer ratings of 14, 16 and even higher. Prior to 1997 seer rating could range from 6 to 10. The operating cost of a 13 seer vs 6 seer is substantial and will pay for a new system in a very short period of time.

Type System - There are several different type systems in Houston. It is important that a complete evaluation is performed to determine the most cost and energy efficient system for your needs. 

Repair History - Have you had more than two repairs in the last 18 months? If so, chances are more repairs are on the way. This is a problem because two major repairs such as a compressor and motor can equal or exceed the cost of replacing the entire system.

Condition - The overall condition must be considered. Even if the major components are okay certain small repairs can become costly and impractical. For instance, if a unit is developing leaks in the coils it will generally continue to develop leaks and repeated repairs surpass the cost to replace.

Cost vs Savings - The higher efficiency of a system the more it will cost to buy but with todays competitive market and rising energy rates you'll be amazed at how soon the system will pay for itself. New systems can be financed with -0- down, no payments, deferred and the monthly payments will many times be less than the savings on your power bill.

Other Benefits 

  • Manufactures Warranty 
  • Reliability 
  • Peace of Mind 
  • Increase Home Value 
  • Strengthens Home Sale 
  • Good Investment  

Energy Factors 

Although we've talked briefly about efficiency, with todays increased energy rates it deserves more attention. Here's what is happening:

There's no question about it. Our rates are going to continue increasing. By the rest of the nations standards, we still have very low cost per kilowatt rates but it's now becoming a national issue so Las Vegas has a lot of catching up to do. In simple terms, rates will continue to climb!

Your air conditioning system (and heating if it's a heat pump) uses more power than any other appliance in your home. And for health and comfort, air conditioning is a must in Houston. Fortunately, we now have high efficiency systems that can offset increasing power rates. The difference in operating costs between a new high efficiency system and a 10 or 15 year old system can be dramatic.. 

If your system is a Heat Pump the energy savings is enough to justify buying a new system because a Heat Pump uses electricity the year around to both heat and cool your home. This makes the savings vs cost factor so attractive that it's foolish not to buy a new system.

If your system is electric/electric meaning electric air conditioning and electric heat strip elements for heat, you have an extremely expensive system to operate. Heat strip elements work the same as the burners on the top of your electric range and use considerable power. This is the least efficient form of heating system.

The higher the efficiency (seer rating) of a new system the more it costs to purchase. The contractor should give you the various options of seer ratings vs cost vs savings so you can make an informed decisions on what is most economical and practical for your particular needs. 

The higher the efficiency (seer rating) of a new system the more it costs to purchase. We will give you the various options of seer ratings vs cost vs savings so you can make an informed decisions on what is most economical and practical for your particular needs.

What System To Buy
In the "Factors to Consider" column we briefly described the different types of system. Understand what system you currently have in your home. If you don't, have the contractor inspect your system and explain it to you. He should also make a recommendation of what system to install.

The preferred systems are in order:

  • Gas/Electric 
  • Heat Pump 
  • Other 

If you currently have a heat pump or electric/electric system and you have gas available in the home, it may be practical to convert to a gas/electric system. It will depend on the cost of running gas piping to the heating/air conditioning system. The contractor can make recommendations and provide you with cost comparisons and practicality.

If you have a split system (condenser on the ground outside and furnace/air handler inside) both systems may or may not need replacing. This depends on the age and overall condition of each part of the system. We often find perfectly good furnaces/air handlers inside the home but worn out condensers outside. The condenser unit is the work horse of the system and usually wears out quicker than the indoor unit.

To get the full benefit of increased seer rating you have to match the indoor system to the outdoor system. For instance, if you install a 13 seer outdoor condenser unit and don't change the indoor unit, the net effect may be something like 12 seer rating. This of course is still a great improvement over lower efficiency systems.

Options with a split system are: 

  • Replace complete indoor/outdoor units 
  • Replace outdoor unit and indoor evaporator coil only * 
  • Replace just outdoor unit  

The manufacturer or brand of a new system should be considered. Considerations include: 

  • Reliability 
  • Warranty 
  • SEER Stability 
  • Major Components 
  • Construction 
  • Price  

Like all other products you buy, the above factors can vary between manufacturers. Likewise, you can buy different models from an entry level builders model to a top of the line model. The price will vary accordingly. All air conditioning operates on the same theory so there are no "breaking" innovations out there. 

The answer is usually a compromise to get the best system at the least cost. Beware of contractors that represent only one manufacturer. Their product may be good but it's all they have to offer. Rely on a reputable contractor to evaluate your needs and recommend the system for you.

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